Think back to the last time you read about a lucky person who won the lottery and hit the jackpot. Chances are, they succeeded at winning millions through the world-famous Powerball lottery.

Started in the United States decades ago, the unique and exciting Powerball lottery has drawn numbers twice a week, every week since it began. The jackpot prize has gradually grown over the years, with prizes up to 1.5 billion dollars being awarded to winners. There’s no doubt, Powerball has made many people millionaires overnight! A quick look at the news tells us that people winning big through this lottery is not too rare an occurrence.

The scale and popularity of Powerball also attracts a large number of followers and viewers for their weekly drawing. Over time, this popularity began to extend beyond the American states where Powerball tickets are sold locally. Eventually, people from other countries started flying into the United States just to purchase tickets and take their shot at the jackpot!

Powerball Goes Global!

Internet banking turned Powerball into a global playing field! Online lottery retailers buy tickets locally for players from across the world since official tickets are only sold within the US. The powerball world lottery has, therefore, created hundreds of multimillionaires, not only in the US but also in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand too!

While the number combinations are quite unique due to the several possibilities, more than one player can choose the same numbers. In these cases, the jackpot must be split between the winners. This could simply result in two multimillionaires, since the jackpot prize is so high!

Jackpot prizes now start at a minimum of 40 million US dollars, with a guaranteed prize of one million for players who guess five out of six numbers. Besides this, there are eight smaller prizes on offer.

So wherever you are in the world, Powerball might just be your route to becoming a multimillionaire!