Playing the lottery can be fun. Winning the jackpot can be even better! The difference is all in the numbers. With most popular lotteries, players can win the ultimate jackpot if they guess five numbers in the correct order, as well as the sixth Powerball number. So, how does one choose the right numbers?

Lucky Numbers

Some numbers are traditionally considered luckier than others. These lucky numbers differ depending on culture and historical beliefs in various countries and communities. In the West, the number seven is generally considered to be quite fortunate. This may be because of its association with the seven days of the week, the seven seas or the seven wonders of the world. In some other traditions, the number three is viewed as lucky.

When choosing lottery numbers, therefore, people often look to traditionally lucky numbers. Some even have their own personal lucky numbers, based on important dates in their life, such as a birthday or anniversary. In fact, some people believe in the power of their lucky numbers so much, they play them over and over again, for years. Playing lucky Lotto numbers can pay off, big time!

Numerology of Luck

Another way to select lucky numbers is to consider the advice of the number experts. For many, this can look like a horoscope for the day or month. Many daily horoscopes contain predictions on lucky days and lucky numbers.

If you believe in numerology, that could be another useful method for choosing lottery numbers. A common way of doing so involves assigning a letter to each number in ascending order (where A would be 1, B would be 2 and so on), and then decoding your name into a number.

Statisticians will still warn you that playing lucky numbers do not really give you an edge in winning a jackpot. If a number feels fortunate to you, trusting your instincts definitely won’t hurt your chances!