Picking your numbers for the lottery can be a serious business. It can also be quite stressful. One way to ease the pressure is to follow the cue of many long-time lottery players and a few winners; go with your personal lucky numbers every time! Besides saving time and energy when buying your ticket, some people believe that their lucky numbers contain spiritual qualities or positive energy which can help them win the jackpot!

The Winning Numbers

There is a downside to using numbers which are considered traditionally lucky; many other people will probably be using these numbers as well. In this case, if your numbers do win, the chances of having to split the jackpot with several other people are high. The number seven, for example, is considered by many to be very lucky; therefore, combinations with seven are more commonly bought.

To avoid such common patterns, people tend to use their own unique combinations, made up of their personal lucky numbers. This can include dates of birthdays, anniversaries and more. However, dates are also quite commonly used and often very popular, especially if they are historically significant.

Now, if you are wondering what your lucky numbers are, wonder no more! Here are some common ways people use to find their most lucky numbers for the lottery.

If you’ve noticed that a certain number or sequence of numbers seem to be reoccurring in your life, that could prove to be a good starting point! This could include numbers in your house address, car license plate, birthdate or phone numbers, among others. Numbers which you associate with positive memories, such as the house number of a childhood home, for example, could be a good bet as well!

Checking with a numerologist or astrologist can also provide some insight into your lucky numbers.

If nothing stands out to you, just go with your gut when you’re feeling lucky, and it just might work!