In life, some questions are more important than others. “How can one become an instant millionaire or even a near-billionaire?”, for instance, is a pretty important question. For many people across the world and in New Zealand, the answer could come in the form of lottery tickets from lands far away.

Winning Mega Millions

Over in the United States, Mega Millions holds a place as one of the biggest and most popular lotteries. In the past, the Mega Millions lottery has given out record-breaking jackpots, the highest being over one billion US dollars!

If the shot at millions of dollars sounds appealing to you, there are a couple of ways to try your luck all the way over from here in NZ!

  • Get on a 12-hour flight to the United States to buy your very own Mega Millions ticket
  • Ask a trusted friend or family in the US to buy a ticket on your behalf
  • Pay a third-party retailer based in the US to purchase a ticket locally
  • Choose your numbers and play online on registered lottery ticket purchase sites, such as Lottoland and The Lotter

There have been stories of New Zealanders even catching a plane to go to the States for their chance to win the Mega Million jackpot. Online retailers and internet banking have made this process so much easier and less expensive. Most services simply ask lottery players to fill out an online form, register and choose their lucky numbers.

The numbers are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays (at 15:00 NZST), giving you the chance to reach for the lucrative jackpot twice every week. Even if one missed the jackpot, winning big is not out of reach with the numerous prize tiers and megaplier options which allow you to triple your smaller wins! You can even win big by winning small, with Mega Millions.